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If you are on less than friendly terms with your body, I can help.

As a GAPS & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and as a mum of four school age kiddos, I help you apply healing protocols to everyday life, through nourishing recipes, helpful articles, and go-deeper e-courses…

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However you decide to use, or misuse, its strength and resources, the body does its best to oblige you. First it makes small sacrifices, minimizing the harm to its smooth functioning. It will happily sacrifice liver cells to protect you from the toxic effects of alcohol. The pancreas will exhaust itself to protect you against the effects of too much sugar.

The body always chooses a lesser harm over a greater.

When your intake of toxins exceeds the capacities of your body’s cleansing mechanisms, it deposits them inside the body, in places where they will do the least immediate damage. Eventually, though, the body is overwhelmed. But even as it degenerates, even as whole organs and systems lose their ability to function, still the body fights on. All the while sending messages: ‘Please don’t do this.’ And the loudest of these kindly messages we call pain.

– Charles Eisenstein, Yoga of Eating